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Reader Request: All Natural Lemon Lavender Soap Recipe

allnaturalHere’s a glycerin soap tutorial based on a reader request. One of our readers requested a tutorial with all natural ingredients and colors and no lab created fragrance oils or colors. This is a great request because I like to focus on more natural ingredients! This is a dense and creamy herbal smelling soap featuring essential oils and ground oats. The color comes from organic turmeric. I used an organic white glycerin soap base. This brand (SFIC, distributed by Soap Goods as you see in the image) is a really high quality soap base – SFIC really strives to use the most natural ingredients possible in their melt and pout soap bases.  This is a nice easy soap recipe and the soap smells zesty and fresh! Plus the ground oats add soothing and exfoliating qualitites as well. Hope you enjoy this simple melt and pour soap tutorial. Let me know what you think in the comments below!


What You Will Need

Directions for Making All Natural Lemon Lavender Soap

Begin by cutting your soap base into cubes and melting it down in a Pyrex or other microwave safe bowl. Microwave it in short bursts (about 15 to 30 seconds) and mix in between to prevent over heating the hemp soap base. When it’s all melted, you can start by mixing in the ground oats and turmeric first. You will want to incorporate the oats and color fully and keep stirring as the soap cools.

Next add your essential oils as late as possible but before the soap begins clumping or forming a skin on top. Keep moving and stirring. The reason you want to add the EOs later is because if the soap is too hot, they will evaporate off.

Tip – 1 tsp of Turmeric creates a very rich golden orange-yellow color. So if you want more of a light yellow you could add less turmeric. And if you want more of a canary yellow, you will want to try a different colorant because this will be more creamy orange-yellow. Also turmeric color fades over time when exposed to light. I had my soaps on my desk by a window and after a couple weeks the color changed quite a bit to a more neutral color.

When it’s all mixed up, pour your soap into your favorite soap molds. I used a mini silicone loaf mold I purchased from Bramble Berry and it fit 1.5lbs just perfectly. After you pour, mist with some rubbing alcohol to pop the bubbles.Soap Poured in the loaf mold

After the soap hardened, I sliced it into 5 bars (very uneven though, I need more practice or invest in a mitre box to guide my knife!)


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