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Citrus Basil Soap Recipe

Citrus Basil Soap Recipe |

Hey everyone, I’ve got another soap tutorial for ya! This is a really nice herbal smelling soap featuring dried crushed basil leaf and citrus fragrance. I used a detergent-free, low sweat hemp soap base that has natural hemp oil which is considered to be high in phospholipids, antioxidants, and omega 3’s – all thought to be excellent for daily skincare routines. This is a nice easy soap recipe and the soap smells zesty and fresh! Plus the crushed basil gives it a little bit of exfoliation qualities too.  Hope you enjoy this simple melt and pour soap tutorial. Let me know what you think!

What You Will Need

Citrus Basil Soap Recipe |

Directions for Making Citrus Basil Soap

1. Start by melting down your soap base in a Pyrex bowl. Microwave it in short bursts (about 15 or 30 seconds) and mix in between to prevent over heating the hemp soap base.
2. When it’s all melted, you can mix in all the ingredients and incorporate them fully! Continue mixing as the soap cools slightly.
3. When it’s all mixed up, pour your soap into your favorite soap molds. I used a mini hearts silicone mold I found locally (at Wal-Mart I believe) and they worked out perfectly. The 1 pound batch made a total of 21 little heart soaps.

Citrus Basil Soap Recipe |


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