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Crème Brûlée Soap Recipe/Tutorial

decorative soap tutorial
I have a very special melt and pour soap recipe and tutorial from a guest named Sharon, owner of Oasis Bath Body. Aren’t these decorative “crème brûlée” soaps just beautiful!? We’re sharing just how to make soaps like this including the “icing” top decoration, read on for the ingredients and instructions.

What You Will Need:

Soap Bars:

Soap Icing:

  • Empty ketchup or mustard bottle
  • 6 oz of White MP Soap Base


1. Cut up and melt down the clear base in 30 second increments if using microwave. You can also melt on a stove top. Double boiler is not necessary. Make sure not to boil soap.
2. Once clear is completely melted add brown sugar. The sugar will turn the mixture the color you see depending on what base BRAND you use. Stir until you see no sugar and add fragrance (may we suggest vanilla!?) if you desire and pour in molds.
3. Silicone molds harden very quickly for MP. When it seems soaps are pretty hard in mold go ahead and prepare your soap icing before unmolding.
4. Cut up and melt down the 6 oz of white soap base in the empty ketchup or mustard bottle in 20 second increments. Be careful, the bottle will be very hot.
5. Do not add fragrance (optional) until the mixture cools down in the bottle. Once cooled add fragrance and gently shake bottle. If soap is too hot the fragrance can burn off and it can melt your unmolded soaps.
6. Remove completely hardened round soaps from molds and use the soap icing by drizzling and squirting the melted soap over the tops of your soaps . If icing has bubbles, spray with alcohol lightly. Sprinkle brown sugar on top of you wish. Voila!


Visit and look at all the beautiful soaps in Sharon’s shop!

Let me know how this soap turns out for you!


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