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Basic Soap Making Supplies

Melt and Pour Soap Making EquipmentBefore you start making your handmade melt and pour soap, you’re gonna need to gather some soap supplies and equipment. The more you make soap the more you will figure out what soap making supplies you like to have handy. It’s best to try to have everything before you start because once you get going, you don’t want to be searching for that damn measuring spoon at the last second.

Cutting Board & Knife
I have a set dedicated to soap making only. These are used to cut up the soap base into smaller cubes for faster and more even melting. You can also use a soap cutter for this.

Pyrex (or similar) Measuring Glass or Bowl & a Big Spoon
You bowl should be big enough to microwave and mix your whole melt and pour soap batch. You might want to use a rubber scraper instead of a big spoon.

Measuring Equipment
Measuring spoons and/or a digital scale will be useful for measuring out soap ingredients.

Soap Ingredients
These will be different for each batch, but at the very least you need a soap base and any color, essential oils, fragrance oils, botanicals, or extras you want to throw in the mix.

Soap Mold & Mold Liner
Pick your favorite shape! If you’re using a wooden loaf mold or similar, you’ll want to line it with freezer paper for easy removal of the soap. I find it easiest to use silicone soap molds.

Spray Bottle of Alcohol
No, not rum! I’m talking about Rubbing Alcohol. This helps break up bubbles or stick soap layers together.


What are your favorite soap making supplies? Post a comment below!

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