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Coconut Cream Soap Recipe


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So it’s really cold now in January and I personally don’t care for winter and cold weather. I’ve been day dreaming about a Florida vacation on a daily basis here recently and so I figured I would cure my tropical desires a little bit with some creamy coconut soap! This is a very simple soap recipe and the soap smells like fresh coconut. I even put some dried coconut flakes in the recipe to give it a little bit of exfoliation qualities too.  Yum! Hope you enjoy this simple melt and pour soap tutorial. Post in the comments how yours turned out!

What You Will Need

Tip: I recommend that you put the shredded coconut in a blender, food processor, or coffee bean grinder for a few pulses to make slightly finer shreds. This will help with suspension in the soap base and be less weird in the shower. Another way to help with suspension is to mix your soap base until it is as cool as possible without clumping. Pouring cooler soap base will have a thicker consistency and the flakes wont float right to the top.

Coconut Cream Soap Ingredients |

Directions for Making Coconut Cream Soap

Start by melting down your soap base in a Pyrex bowl. Microwave it in short bursts (about 15 or 30 seconds) and mix in between to prevent over heating the coconut soap base. When it’s all melted, you can mix in all the ingredients and incorporate the ingredients fully! When it’s all mixed up, pour your soap into your favorite soap molds. I used oval silicone molds I got on Amazon and they worked out perfectly. The 1 pound batch perfectly filled each of the 6 cavities.


Handmade Coconut Cream Soap Recipe |


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